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Who Can Benefit from the Grants and Incentives?

In order to incentivise home owners to decarbonise their home the government is running the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS)

To capitalise on the substantial subsidy offered by the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, residents of both England and Wales are eligible to apply. This inclusive approach ensures that a wide range of households can access the financial support required to make the shift towards energy-efficient heating.

Homeowners seeking to take advantage of the scheme’s benefits must act promptly. Installations of air source heat pumps that are completed before the conclusion of March 2028 are considered eligible for coverage. This timeline emphasises the urgency of transitioning to sustainable heating methods and encourages homeowners to embark on this eco-friendly journey sooner rather than later.

The BUS offers homeowners a 1 off grant of £5000 towards the cost of a air source heat pump.

Do I Qualify For A BUS Grant?

Briefly To qualify for the grant  you must be replacing a Gas, Oil or electric heating system with an Air source heat pump. In additional the heat pump must be capable of providing all  the space heating and hot water requirements for the property (no hybrid systems allowed)

In addition you will need to have a valid and in date property EPC. On the EPC there must be no recommendations for loft of cavity insulation. Should you have these recommendations and still wish to take advantage of the grant, then you will need to upgrade you loft insulation or get cavity wall insulation installed and then get another EPC done.

How Do I Apply For The Grant

Confused about whether you qualify for the grant? Our knowledgeable team is here to guide you through the eligibility criteria. As approved agents by the Government, we hold the authority to confer the grant upon our clients, provided they meet the necessary criteria.

As the homeowner you need to to very little with regards to applying for the grant. An MCS registered company (such as us ) do the application on your behalf .You will only be asked to sign a declaration confirming some facts relating to the installation.  If the application id is successful the £5000 will be deducted from installation invoice.

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