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Why Install A Heat Pump?

Unlike their gas and oil counterparts, air source heat pumps function by producing heat at lower temperatures. This unique approach allows for longer operational periods, steadily maintaining your home’s comfort. When transitioning from costly systems like electric storage heaters, oil, LPG, or coal, embracing a heat pump can lead to substantial savings on heating expenses.

Air source heat pumps present an installation advantage that sets them apart from their ground source counterparts. Typically situated outdoors on a building’s side or rear, they require sufficient space for optimal airflow. Indoors, a compact unit housing pumps and hot water components complements the external setup. The streamlined design of this indoor unit is a departure from the bulkier traditional boilers, contributing to space optimisation.

While air source heat pumps eliminate the need for extensive garden digging associated with ground source systems, proper permitting remains a prerequisite. Local regulations and authorities come into play, particularly in cases involving listed buildings. To ensure a seamless experience, securing the necessary permissions and adhering to local building codes is paramount.

Maintaining your air source heat pump is integral to its longevity and efficiency. Regular inspections, filter cleaning, and professional servicing uphold its performance standards. Additionally, proactive measures such as enhancing insulation can further elevate the pump’s efficiency by minimising heat loss.

MCS Accreditation

Because we are an MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) accredited installer, you can rest assured that all of our installations will be specified and commissioned in accordance with the industry’s highest possible technical standards.

Not only is MCS accreditation essential in order to apply for the most recent government grants and subsidies, but it also lays out the fundamental principles that must be followed in order to ensure that a heat pump installation is both efficient and effective.

Government Approved Heat Pump Installers

Selecting the right team to install your air source heat pump is crucial to its long-term performance and your overall satisfaction. Our government approval signifies that we adhere to stringent guidelines and regulations set forth by authorities. This not only guarantees the safety and reliability of your installation but also assures you of a system that operates seamlessly while minimising its impact on the environment.

With our team of Government Approved Installers, you’re not just getting professionals – you’re gaining access to a dedicated group of experts who have honed their skills over 20 years in the heating industry. Our track record of excellence includes the successful installation of more than 3000 boilers and the completion of tens of thousands of plumbing and heating projects. Our proficiency spans across various aspects of air source heat pump installations, from system design and placement to seamless integration with your existing setup. We take pride in delivering solutions that are tailored to your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and maximum energy efficiency.

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